The Anjuna story

Summer is not just a season...

There’s a place where the sun always shines, mango is sweet as honey and coconuts grow all year round. A place where the waves of the sea match the rhythm of your heartbeat and your footprints stay in the sand… This is Anjuna Beach.
This is where our journey begins, when in 2015 we decided to leave behind everything and travel all the way to sunny India with just a backpack. It was here that we realised: summer doesn’t have to last only a few months, and we came up with the idea to create something that is just as carefree and real as the summer in Anjuna. Our idea was simple: let’s bring home the tropical summer in the form of ice pops, and show to the world that summer isn’t just a season, but rather a lifestyle.


Our philosophy

The guidelines of Anjuna

We returned from our trip with more than just an idea. We also brought back the values that we still believe in. Here are our guidelines to infinite summer, i.e. Anjuna:

Be real: Everything we make is natural, plant-based and additive-free – simply put: real. We will never lower the bar when it comes to this. If we have to, we will go all the way to the other side of the planet just to get the best ingredients.
Be the change: We decided to take a different path from the big names. We challenge the conventional ways and are not afraid to innovate. We will swim against the tide, if we feel that it’s the right thing to do.
Give your best: Both in terms of ice pops and ourselves. We hope to make the world a better place with our daily commitment.
Stay positive: Life is too short to always take ourselves seriously. Let’s smile more at the world and each other! This is the secret ingredient to always enjoying summer regardless of where we are.


Standing together for those without a voice

We all have a noble cause that makes our heart beat faster. For the founders of Anjuna, this has turned out to be our four-legged friends.
As happy dog owners, we experience the beautiful friendship between man and dog on a daily basis. As such, we felt that it was our responsibility to help those without a voice, so we decided to create the Anjuna for Dogs Foundation and came up with an ice pop specifically for dogs. Pupsiclesare made with sugarless peanut butter, banana and water, all served on a smaller stick. These ice pops are vet-approved, making them not only delicious but also safe for your dogs.

A Pupsicle egy mogyoróvajból és banánból készült, kutyaropira tűzött jégkrém négylábú társadnak. Egy biztonságos, állatorvos által engedélyezett csemege, amelynek megvásárlásával nem csak kedvencednek szerzel örömet, hanem a gyeptelepen sínylődő fajtársain is segítesz.

Our goal is to popularize adoption and to help cultivate a responsible pet owner culture. In Hungary, there are more than a million stray dogs living in despair, famine and illness. Many of the captured animals are killed as the capacity of shelters is limited. A more humane option is usually not financially feasible, but sometimes even the willingness to try is absent. We would like more people to treat their dog as a friend, and not as a possession, but this requires education and a change of mentality.

Our operation is financed from two sources: All revenues made from Pupsicle sales in our dedicated Anjuna stores, and 10% of all revenues made from Summer in a Box sales in partner shops go to the foundation.

Together with the team of'MFÖEK'’ (MFÖEKwe’ve been working hard to find home and a loving family for more dogs since 2018.

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