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Store Manager

Job description

As the manager of Anjuna stores, you will be responsible for ensuring the high quality operation of our four stores in Budapest and one in Balatonfüred. The most important part of the job will be to select, train, supervise and motivate team members, which requires an open-minded, people-oriented attitude and the necessary communication and leadership skills.

Additional tasks:

  • administration
  • preparing schedules and reports
  • systems and process development


  • a solid knowledge of English at intermediate level
  • experience in hospitality and management
  • excellent problem-solving and organisational skills
  • energetic, proactive personality
  • high degree of autonomy, ability to manage time efficiently
  • precision and a high work ethic
  • love of order and cleanliness
  • driving licence

Where to work

  • XIII. Pozsonyi út 5.
  • 24 Lövőház Street II.
  • V. Eagle Street 7.
  • VI. Király u. 44.
  • 8230 Balatonfüred, Aranyhíd stny. 6

Your office is located behind the shop on Pozsonyi Road. You will be required to travel to the Fyre unit on average once a week from May to September, for which a company car will be provided if required.

Work schedule

A large part of the working day is spent regularly visiting shops in Budapest. As this is mainly field work and only partly office-based, the working hours are somewhat adjusted to the opening hours of the shops, but you will be managing them yourself.
This year we are moving from seasonal to year-round opening. During the summer months, shops will be open from 11:00 to 22:00, while in winter they will be open from 11:00 to 18:00, with the busiest period being weekends. This doesn't mean you have to work every weekend, but on average you will work one day in two. 

You don't have to adjust your working hours to the opening hours, but part of training a new employee is the opening and closing process.

What we offer

The feeling that you're not just a cog in a giant machine, but part of a dynamic, cohesive and ambitious team whose opinions matter.
A pleasant environment, friendly guests and your own office at the foot of Margaret Bridge.

Hard work and lots of challenges. We are a small business, with all the advantages and disadvantages that brings. Something always goes wrong, someone always gets sick, and although there's never a moment when everything is perfect, you have to strive for perfection.
If you are able to improve existing systems and processes, you will also be given the opportunity to progress. 


Net 450 thousand HUF per month + bonus

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