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Job descriptionThe job description

Our food engineers are primarily responsible for running the plant, planning and managing production and developing new products.

Additional responsibilities:

  • ensuring cost-effective operations
  • process improvement
  • liaising with suppliers and partners
  • food safety systems (HACCP, IFS)
  • Lead a team of 10-12 people


  • Higher education in the food industry
  • Several years of experience in the field
  • High level of computer skills
  • English language skills
  • Excellent communication and organisational skills
  • Open, proactive personality
  • High degree of independence, ability to manage time efficiently
  • High level of precision and systematic, analytical thinking


  • Blood, sweat and suffering.
  • An opportunity to move forward.
  • The feeling that you're not just a bolt or a bolt in a giant machine, but part of a dynamic, cohesive and ambitious team whose opinions matter.
  • The chance to join a European success story before you go international.

We are a small business, with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails. We don't yet have a dedicated HR department, an IT specialist, a career planning model and internal training. It is important to have a start-up mentality because we have to solve the problems that arise.

If you are looking for a job just to pay the rent, DON'T JOIN!

Don't you remember what my university taught me about ice cream making? Never mind. But if you're not willing to do the work to get the knowledge, if you don't read books and educate yourself outside of work hours, then DON'T JOIN! We need someone who has the intrinsic motivation to become an expert in the field over time.


2142 Nagytarcsa, Szilas Industrial Park


Working hours are from 8:00 to 16:30 on weekdays, but evenings and weekends are also possible, because building Anjuna is a 7/24 job in difficult times. If this bothers you, please DON'T SIGN UP!


Salary: gross 600-750 thousand HUF / month
Other allowances: travel allowance and production bonus

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