The great mission

Every person has a noble cause in their life that makes their heart beat faster. It so happens that for the members of the Anjuna team, independently of each other, it is one and the same thing. When we were brainstorming plans for Anjuna in the summer of 2015, we knew that we would support our canine heart cause in some way. All our childhood we wanted a dog more than anything, but unfortunately we couldn't have one. As soon as we had the chance, we changed that and became happy dog owners. Since then, our faithful companions, Nózi and Aisha, have made our lives more colourful every day.

We felt it was our duty as responsible pet owners to do something for those who don't have a voice, so we thought big and started making dog ice cream. Pupsicle is made with sugar-free peanut butter, banana and water, all served on a doggy treat stick. The dog treat is a veterinary-approved product, so it's not only delicious, but completely safe for your pet.

We've been following the work of the 'Everybody Adopt a Puppy' (Mfoeek) dog rescue team for a long time, and we were very impressed by the fact that they rescue puppies that have been dumped or adopted from lawns and are placed with temporary adopters until they find an owner. Our request for cooperation was very welcome and we immediately got to work. The money raised from the doggy ice cream will enable the MföEK girls to take more dogs from the shelters and then Together, let's find them a new home and a new, better life.

Your doggy ice cream in the summer heat can now save his tadpoles languishing on the lawns!